Science World® / Current Science®

Secondary Resource

Seventh through Twelfth Grade


JUNIOR SCHOLASTIC® With Current Events®

Catch fast-breaking stories with our weekly newsmagazine for grades 6–10. Clearly written cover stories explore major national and international news events and the history behind them. Plus, the JUNIOR SCHOLASTIC Current Events team of student reporters writes debates on controversial topics that spark lively classroom discussions.

CHOICES Current Health

CHOICES® Current Health®

Turn health class into real-life learning with this comprehensive resource. The most contemporary teaching tool for health literacy, CHOICES Current Health covers physical health, emotional health, fitness and nutrition, decision making, relationships, and public or global health concerns in every issue.

SCIENCE WORLD Current Science

SCIENCE WORLD® Current Science®

Teach the latest news in science research and explore the science behind today's headlines. A mix of news briefs and feature-length articles, each issue of SCIENCE WORLD Current Science covers earth, health, life, and physical sciences, as well as space and technology.



For grades 6–10. Each issue features a wide range of genres including nonfiction, fiction, plays, poetry, and more to give your students the rich reading experience required by the Common Core Standards. Our in-depth online resources help you turn every issue into a dynamic and focused language arts lesson with videos, quizzes, printables, and more!

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