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Grade 3 Teaching Center

A weekly news magazine for grade 3 that develops reading comprehension and critical-thinking skills while informing students about the world around them


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Social Studies/Current Events
Grade 3 | 12 issues |  $2.85

Take your class on a worldwide adventure! Every issue supports your curriculum with news articles, images, "brain builders," infographics, and more. It's your ticket to explore a foreign land, a front-row seat to U.S. politics, a time machine to the age of the dinosaurs, and much more! Subscriptions include full access to Scholastic News Online featuring digital issues, videos, audio read-alouds, learning games, and other high-quality digital learning resources.

Add Science Spin® to your subscription. For just 99¢ per student, you'll get our exciting science mini-magazine every month.

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  1. My Big World with Clifford
  2. Let's Find Out / My Weekly Reader K
  3. Scholastic News Grade 1
  4. Scholastic News Grade 2
  5. Scholastic News Grade 3
  6. Scholastic News Grade 4
  7. Scholastic News Grades 5/6
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  1. Junior Scholastic / Current Events
  2. Choices / Current Health
  3. Science World / Current Science
  4. Scope with READ
  5. Subscriber-Only Content
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