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A weekly news magazine for grade 4 that develops reading comprehension and critical-thinking skills while informing students about the world around them.


with Weekly Reader®

Social Studies/Current Events
Grade 4 | 24 issues |  $4.95

Now just for grade 4! Scholastic News with Weekly Reader brings you the complex, highly engaging nonfiction texts you need to meet rigorous academic standards. Exciting current events, close reading activities, and up-to-date maps, graphs, and charts give you everything you need to motivate students and build essential ELA skills. Subscriptions include full access to Scholastic News Online featuring digital issues, videos, audio read-alouds, learning games, and other high-quality digital learning resources.

Add Science Spin® or Geography Spin® to your subscription. For just 99¢ per student, you'll get our exciting mini-magazines every month.

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