Grade 2 Teaching Center–Reading, critical thinking, and citizenship for second grade


Grade 2 Teaching Center

Reading, critical thinking, and citizenship skills for second grade

Weekly Reader Grade 2

My Weekly Reader®

Social Studies/Cross-Curriculum
Grade 2 | 16 issues |  $4.75

Enrich the learning experience! Build and reinforce science and social studies skills, teach new vocabulary, and make learning fun. Every issue is filled with vibrant photos and nonfiction text to support grade-specific themes. Helps prepare for assessment testing too. FREE! Interactive Digital Edition of every issue. Each comes complete with 18 multimedia features, including videos, sound clips, and read-aloud text.

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  1. My Big World with Clifford
  2. Let's Find Out / My Weekly Reader K
  3. Scholastic News Grade 1
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  5. Scholastic News Grade 3
  6. Scholastic News Grade 4
  7. Scholastic News Grades 5/6
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  1. Junior Scholastic / Current Events
  2. Choices / Current Health
  3. ScienceWorld / Current Science
  4. Scope with READ
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