Pre-K Teaching Center–Theme-based learning for preschoolers


Pre-K Teaching Center

Theme-based learning for preschoolers


with Clifford™

Early Learning
Preschool–Pre-K | Ages 3–5 | 20 issues |  $4.99

Build early learning skills with the nonfiction magazine for preschool and Pre-K. My Big World helps you teach your little learners your thematic units, vocabulary, social development, and beyond!
Movement activities include fingerplays, sign language, and other kinetic learning activities to help wiggly kids learn. Language activities include rhyming songs and poems to build phonological awareness.

Make early childhood learning fun with simple activities that teach letters, counting, patterns, and shapes. PLUS! You get access to My Big World Online, which includes fun, knowledge-building videos, audio read-alouds, bonus printables, and much more.

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